Pottery by Lois Sharpe


In 2016 I moved from NC to VA. Moving and remodeling for a new studio has been a life adventure, I do not want to repeat! But so GLAD I did it.  I have been a potter for more than 20 years,   I still love it all. Each piece is made with attention to detail, form, function, and beauty. I consciously strive to bring fresh ideas to my work, and each finished piece reflects my love for this medium. 


New Work

When I moved I decide I wanted new work. I changed from high fire to low fire. I am now working with earthenware and find I LOVE it. The colors are vibrant and fun. I am also trying new (to me) techniques such as terra sigillata, working with slips and painting on my pots. Things I have not incorporated into my work before, I find it very exciting. 


you never know

what I am going to come up with! New ideas everyday

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I send very few emails, but will sometimes offer special events and announce my home sales. I never share.


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Lois Sharpe