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I am thrilled with my new lava/crater/barnacle glaze.   It has taken a lot of research and testing.  But I now have a new textured "barnacle" type glaze.  I have used this type glaze since 1998.  First in my gas kiln with porcelain, cone10, then stoneware at cone 6, and now 

earthenware at cone 1.   

New pieces with this glaze added to my store as I have them available. Check often!



In 2016 I moved from NC to VA. Moving and remodeling for a new studio has been a life adventure, I do not want to repeat! But so GLAD I did it.  I have been a potter for more than 20 years,   I still love it all. Each piece is made with attention to detail, form, function, and beauty. I consciously strive to bring fresh ideas to my work, and each finished piece reflects my love for this medium.


When I moved I decide I wanted new work.   I changed from high fire to low fire. I am now working with earthenware and find I LOVE it.        The colors are vibrant and fun. I am also trying new (to me) techniques such as terra sigillata, working with slips and painting on my pots. Things I have not incorporated into my work before, I find it very exciting.


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Lois Sharpe